Code: 15115-24

Hãng: KimbleChase- Mỹ

Dùng xác định tỷ trọng của xi măng, cát , và các vật liệu tinh (ASTM C188)

  • KIMAX® Le Chatelier specific gravity bottle used in the determination of the specific gravity of cement, sand, and other fine materials (ASTM C188).
  • Designed for a 64 gram sample. Body holds approximately 250mL, and the smaller neck bulb holds 17mL
  • Below the neck bulb, the neck is graduated from 0 to 1.0mL and has two extra 0.1mL lines both above 1.0mL and below 0.0mL.
  • Above the neck bulb, the neck is graduated from 18 to 24mL in 0.1mL Subdivisions.
  • Designed from ASTM E694 specifications and complies with ASTM C188
  • 2/Case
  • Manufacturer: DWK Life Sciences Inc. (Kimble Chase)
  • Manufacturer Part No: KIM-15115-24
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