Thiết bị làm lạnh FT 400

FT400 Immersion Cooler
with immersion probe for rapid cooling of liquids

Order No.:9650840
Supplier: Julabo-Germany
Working temperature range (°C):-40 ... +30
Cooling capacity (Medium Ethanol):
°C            20         10      -20        -40
kW          0.45    0.36    0.14        0.03
Refrigerant stage 1:R452A
Filling volume refrigerant stage 1 (g):210
Global Warming Potential for R452A:2140
Carbon dioxide equivalent stage 1 (t):0.449
Ambient temperature:5...35 °C
Dimensions W x L x H (cm):20 x 30 x 43
Weight (kg):24
Cooling of compressor:Air
Immersion probe:12 x 5 (L x Ø) cm
Connection tube (L) cm:120
Bình chọn sản phẩm: (5.0 / 1 Bình chọn)