Basic Force Gauge (BFG)


The Basic Force Gauge (BFG) features a clear backlit LCD digital display and offers significant performance benefits over mechanical gauges.

It is particularly suited to force testing applications where quick, clear and accurate load readings are required.

The BFG range is manufactured in a rugged aluminium housing and comprises 6 models with load capacities from 10 to 2500 N. Accurate to ± 0.25% of full-scale, load readings in both tension and compression can be displayed in a variety of measurement units such as; N, kN, mN, gf, kgf, lbf and ozf.

The BFG can be used as a portable, hand-held device, ideal for measuring load on either the factory floor or outdoors. However, for more complex applications where greater precision and repeatability are required, it can be mounted to any of our manual or motorised test stands.

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