Advanced Force Gauge (AFG)


With ever-increasing demands for improved quality, durability and ease-of-use of all products, there is a growing need for more physical testing during the manufacturing processes. The Advanced Force Gauge (AFG) is a powerful instrument packed full of innovative features designed to suit a breadth of tension and compression tests.

The AFG is available in 10 models with capacities ranging from 2.5 to 2500 N, catering for a diverse range of industrial applications. All models are accurate to ± 0.1% of full-scale with readings in a variety of measurement units; N, kN, mN, gf, kgf, lbf and ozf.

Whilst most commonly employed for push and pull tests using its internal loadcell, the AFG also acts as a universal display for a selection of external ‘smart’ force and torque transducers. This means you can expand an AFG to perform tests of all capacities for tension, compression and torsion – all with a single display unit.

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