Bộ Chưng Cất Xác Định Hàm Lượng SO2 500ml

HSX: Kimble-Chase | Mỹ

Bao gồm:
 [A] Angled Three Neck Round Bottom Flask 500ml, Vertical 24/40 center neck/angled 24/40 side necks
 [C] West Condenser with Full Length 24/40 Joints     
 [B] Graduated Addition Funnels with Metering PTFE Stopcock Plug       125 mL 24/25 24/40                                                                     
 [D]  Bleed Type Inlet Adapter with
Hose Connection and Standard Taper Joint    0.37" ID Tubing .Height : 290 mm.Length : 200 mm. Joint : 24/40        
[E]  Inlet, Hose. Joints: 24/40
Fits Tubing ID: 3/8-Inch. Overall Height: 80mm
  Bleed-Type Inlet Tube         Tip ID (mm) 0.6-0.8.OD (mm) 6.Width (mm) 35.Fits Tube ID (in) 1/4                                
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